Point Blank Body Armor

As the world's leading manufacturer of body armor, it is Point Blank's heritage and mission to help save the lives of those that serve to protect our freedom. Point Blank proudly manufactures their protective products in the Unites States through the integration of advancements in material science, human engineering and technological precision. Their corporate culture is committed to professional integrity which translates into product reliability and performance excellence.


Corporate Structure

Point Blank Body Armor Inc., established in 1973, is a subsidiary of Point Blank Solutions, Inc. (PBSI), a public company that employs over 1,000 people globally. As the product development arm of Point Blank, PBSI operates the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art ballistic research laboratory and Technology and Testing Center which is located in the company’s 107,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Vision and Values

As hostile conditions continue to intensify globally, Point Blank is committed to discovering innovations that enhance ballistic performance while rapidly responding to the needs of their customers. Point Blank's lead times are the best in the industry and are a testament to the professional commitment of every Point Blank employee whose mission is to provide the highest level of customer safety and satisfaction.


Point Blank is the most widely recognized brand of body armor in the world. Manufacturing excellence and business longevity have positioned Point Blank as the most distinguished, heritage brand of body armor. Their core competency is the manufacture of body armor systems, which encompass ballistic, stab and fragmentation protection for Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military. The brand has intrinsic value in the eyes of millions of global customers and stakeholders. Point Blank’s concealable and tactical categories include several, premier product brands that have helped position the company as the dominant leader of body armor.

MD Charlton Co is proud to be the primary distributor of Point Blank Body Armor in Canada

MD Charlton

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