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NLTA Protective Gear, Helmet With Neck Protector, Black

Brand: UTM
UTM at MD Charlton

NLTA Helmet – Full Face Visor

The UTM Full Face Anti-Fogging Helmet was designed and developed in conjunction with military and law enforcement customers to be worn while using the UTM Man Marker Round (MMR) during Force-on-Force training. UTM has the ONLY Full Face Helmet on the market, which is now available with a new preformed Revision™ face shield, creating a stronger and clearer lens!

Our helmet allows for 180° visibility, articulating full front face shield for AAR communication in the training environment without having to remove your head protection and TRUE anti-fogging with Revision™ technology. Facial features and expressions are clearly seen and non-verbals can be responded to appropriately. Verbal communications are easily heard when the helmet is donned and breathing problems or claustrophobia are non-existent. We’ve field-tested our helmet in seriously extreme conditions and it held true - no fog insight!


  • Offers complete protection
  • Lightweight, adjustable, cleans easily
  • Visors lifts to allow easier communication while still maintaining head protection.
  • Visor lens does not fog and provides complete 180° visibility
  • Clear shield allows for easier facial recognition and non-verbal response
  • Verbal communications still easily heard
  • Helmet is flexible to allow for adequate cheek/stock weld
  • Easily worn with prescription glasses or sunglasses
  • Simply rinse with mild soap and water & air dry - no material to launder
  • The UTM Full Face Anti-Fogging Helmet has been approved by the U.S. Army Evaluation Center to be used for Force-on-Force training when utilizing CCMCK (Close Combat Mission Capability Kit) ammunition.
  • Compliant to the high velocity impact requirements of ANSI/ ISEA Z87.1-2010 Face Shield Equipped with a new thermoformed and contoured Revision™ face shield, creating a stronger and clearer lens.
  • Revision™ Abrasion and Anti-Fogging Technology
  • 180° visibility
  • Intended only for supervised training conducted in accordance with the product literature and UTM safety training protocols by law enforcement, military or professional training and security organizations.
  • Verify that all PPE is correctly fired, ensuring there are no exposed areas of the skin
  • Inspection for lens damage prior to every training iteration is recommended for this and every product used for Force on Force Training. Lens should be replaced immediately if there are any sign of damage, cracking or if vision through lens is impaired.
  • UTM assumes no responsibility for injuries, loss or damage resulting from misuse of this or any of its products.