UTM Training Munition, 9mm SBR, Silent (White Nose), Case of 50 Hover to zoom, click to view full size in new window

9mm Silent Blank Rounds (SBR)

This ammunition is Pistol and SMG Compatible

The 9mm Silent Blank Round provides a Dry Fire round that cycles the weapons with realistic and consistent cyclic rates in semi-automatic which match “Live” fire reliability with no emissions or noise. Normal weapon function and recoil, No Heat or Flame. NO BFA required (UTM weapon conversion required), No separation distance. Zero gas emissions, U.S. EPA compliant landfill safe and only available in a non-toxic option.

The 9mm Silent Blank Round is invaluable for teaching fundamentals of weapon handling and marksmanship in any environment to include classroom. Adds realism to defensive tactics i.e., gun retention training, contact shots, weapon take-aways, etc. Allow mission rehearsals/flow drills/scenarios in any environment. Allows blending of firearms, combatives/Defensive Tactics and CQB training in a safe environment. Compatible with most virtual-reality interactive laser systems to add weapon recoil and weapon function realism.