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1X, Gen 3, Autogated, Night Vision Monocular

Brand: Newcon Optik
Newcon Optik at MD Charlton
Product Code: NCNVS14-3AGBW

The NVS 14 series of night vision monoculars have been proven in deployments in conflict zones and by peacekeepers around the world. All models utilize advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, with minimum, exportable FOM >1600, have a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism and are fully MIL-SPEC.

The NVS 14-3AGBW is auto-gated and produces a black & white image rather than the traditional green.

The NVS 14 series monoculars are among the smallest and lightest products of their kind. Each model can be handheld as well as, weapon, head or helmet mounted. With optional lens attachments that turn either model into a 3x or 5x night vision sight, and a full range of additional accessories, the NVS 14 series is among the world's most versatile night vision devices.