ARMORVENT RETROFIT KIT SMALL (2) 9 X 11 INCH PANELS Hover to zoom, click to view full size in new window

Featuring the patent-pending evaporation, ventilation and padding (EVAP™) Technology, the ARMORVENT system enhances operational performance while delivering improved comfort.

ARMORVENT Retrofit Kit includes: (2) ARMORVENT panels, (1) Hook and Bulb Kit

Sizing Guide

Size Small
Includes: (2) 9" wide x 11" long panels

Plate Carrier Size: S, M

Size Medium
Includes: (2) 10" wide x 12" long panels

Plate Carrier Sizes: L, XL

Size Large & X-Large
Not Applicable for Plate Carriers

* Hook and Bulb Kit includes: (1) inflation bulb and 10" peel and stick hook tape. This is enough hook tape to apply to two vest carriers. If you are applying ARMORVENT to additional vest carriers, then we advise purchasing an additional Hook and Bulb Kit.

Note: We use a specially formulated rubber adhesive on the hook tape. Other commercially available hook tapes with adhesive WILL NOT provide adequate adhesion to the fabrics used to manufacture vest carriers.