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Mini Flash-Bang Training Kit

Brand: CTS
Combined Systems, Inc at MD Charlton
Product Code: CTS7200M

Flash-Bangs are used by special tactical units during hostage rescue and high-risk warrants. It is an ATF controlled Class-C explosive device that emits a bright light and thunderous noise to distract potentially dangerous individuals.

The Model 7200 training system provides an excellent training device. It is built and weighs exactly the same as our Model 7290 Flash-Bang, but has no flash charge. The 7290T body is painted with a bright blue coating, and it can be used an unlimited number of times. The M201FB fuze for this system has 10 times the output of a normal M201 fuze and it is threaded with a left hand thread so it can not be accidentally used in any other munition. The Model 7200 produces an output of about 120db. The base contains a standard 3/8-16 UNC thread at its center allowing attachment of numerous accessories, including: Clamp, Stake, Eye Bolt or Magnet.

Our 7200 Flash-Bang products come standard with our pull ring safety clip, which retains the pull ring against the fuze body. Releasing the pull ring requires a clockwise twist before pulling the pin. The pull ring can easily be reinserted to the safe position if the pin has not been removed.

These devices are for training purposes only.


  • Description: Training System, “Flash Bang”, Training Kit
  • Model Number: 7200
  • Type: Multiple use, Training Device
  • Output: 120db @ 5 Feet for Fuze
  • Launchable: No
  • Body Material: Steel – Blue Fluoropolymer Coating
  • Top/Bottom Material: Aluminum – Blue Fluoropolymer Coating
  • Overall Height: 6.0” (144.5 cm)
  • Diameter: 2.0” (50.8mm)
  • Overall Weight: 550 gm
  • Fuze Type: Pyrotechnic delay
  • Fuze Delay: 1.5 ±0.3 sec.