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Flash-Bang – Command Initiated

Brand: CTS
Combined Systems, Inc at MD Charlton
Product Code: CTS7290-CI

Flash-Bangs are used by special tactical units during hostage rescue and high-risk warrants. It is an ATF controlled Class-C explosive device that emits a bright light and thunderous noise to distract potentially dangerous individuals.


  • Type: Noise-Flash Diversion Device
  • Material: Steel - Black Chromate
  • Diameter: 2.0 (50.8 mm)
  • Length: 5.10” (129.5 mm)
  • Weight: 580 gm
  • Blast Ports: 10 on top – 10 on bottom
  • Fuze Type: Model 201
  • Fuze Delay: Instantaneous
  • Sound Output: 165-175 dB Average
  • Light Output: 2 Million Candela Minimum
  • Reloadable: Single Use Only
CAUTION: Command Initiated Flash-Bangs are designed for specific tactical situations. One must be trained specifically in the basics of handling of explosive shock tube, firing devices.

Shock tube extends from the top of each device and should have a cap at the end of the tube. The tube is coated on the inside with Aluminized HMX and has a burn rate of approximately 6,500 fps (1981 Mps). The outer surface of the tube will remain intact during and after functioning.