The all new LTI 20/20 TruCAM II is here! Showing off a large 9.4 cm trans-reflective LCD screen and other cutting edge features, the TruCAM II is the ultimate traffic and speed enforcement laser with video available on the market.

The improvements in today's technology has given LTI the opportunity to provide exciting new enhancements to the TruCAM II laser. Speeding, tailgating, distracted driving and other traffic violations have met their match.

The TruCAM II provides a high-resolution image which shows the license plate number as well as a full-length video of the violation like its predecessor, the original TruCAM. But the upgrades of this traffic and speed enforcement laser allows officers the utmost in versatility. 

Versatile and State-of-the-Art New Features

The TruCAM II highlights LTI's AdapTec™ Technology which auto adjusts the focus, iris and shutter speed for you. Quickly view license plate details and collect crystal-clear images up to +/- 150 meters away!

Dealing with the glare of bright sunlight while trying to capture the image you need? No worries, as the TruCAM II's large 9.4 cm LCD screen is trans-reflective and enables you to clearly see what you are capturing no matter the conditions. Color-coded graphical icons make it easy to learn to use and you have the ability to use the touch screen or operate even when wearing gloves by using the color-coded buttons.

Speed enforcement at night has never been easier - a simple press of a button and the nighttime filter is on. The laser's compact illumination options allow you to capture high quality images no matter how dark the night.

The Ultimate Tool for Traffic and Speed Enforcement

The TruCAM II is more than just a speed enforcement laser. Officers can gather the proof needed for other traffic violations including following too closely, aggressive driving, misuse of HOV lanes, distracted driving, obstructing traffic and seat belt violations. Violations can be recorded sooner with the TruCAM II extended video tracking and speed capture offering a range of up to 320 km/h for both approaching and departing vehicles.

LTI's DBC patented technology measures the time and distance between vehicles giving this laser the option to prove following too closely / tailgating violations. Motorcycles or vehicles without front license plates are not an issue with the TruCAM II in your hands and its rear-plate mode feature.

Built-in detection algorithms combat laser jammers and our tamper-proof secure data encryption gives you the confidence and reliability in the courtoom that LTI's become known for all over the world. There are currently over 6,000 photo/video lasers manufactured by LTI being used in more than 90 countries today. LTI's superior engineering, exceptional customer support and total dedication to quality puts our lasers above the rest.

NOTE: Not Available in USA.

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