Synergy Light

Synergy Light LLC was founded by a Police Chief  who was shot in the line of duty and seriously wounded by robbery suspects. This incident occurred along a dark stretch of roadway .

While still in the hospital and undergoing multiple surgeries, the concept of the Synergy 360 Light was born with the goal of providing officers a safer and more reliable light source for various applications.

Four years later, the Synergy 360 Light has gone from concept to production. These lights offer a highly effective, hands free device that can operate with autonomy thus never making the user an unambiguous target.

Are fully programmable units can be customized to the users needs and provide white, color or IR illumination and marking.

Synergy Lights are made in USA with Foreign & Domestic Components. We at Synergy Light believe our obsessive attention to detail has created a better and safer illumination and marking device and our goal is to prevent situations like this from occurring.

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