LRAD 100X system includes yoke for mounting on tripod (purchased separately).

The LRAD 100X is a self-contained, portable communication system for on-scene and tactical communication.

With unparalleled vocal clarity and up to 30db louder than bullhorns, megaphones, and vehicle P.A. systems, the LRAD 100X is also four to six times louder than other acoustic hailers of comparable size and weight. LRAD’s optimized driver and waveguide technology ensures every message is clearly broadcast, heard and understood, even above engine, crowd, siren, and background noise.

The LRAD warning tone commands attention to the voice messages that follow and provides a safer alternative to non-lethal and kinetic measures for changing behavior.


  • Powerful, intelligible voice communications up to 600 meters
  • Focused, directional broadcasts for targeted communication
  • Safely communicate beyond standoff distances
  • Create instant acoustic standoff perimeter
  • Deliver clearly heard and understood communications into buildings & vehicles


  • 8-hour rechargeable battery
  • Operate easily with gloves or MOPP gear
  • Optional power sources
  • Simple operator interface
  • Water-resistant
  • HD Camera (optional) - Quick connect/disconnect camera and mount for recording video and audio during LRAD operation. Includes 4GB micro SDHC for up to 210 minutes of date and time stamped recordings


  • MP3 Player: MP3 player records/plays up to 8GB of messages and tones
  • Record on the Fly Mic: Microphone with record and playback feature for immediate playback
  • MP3 Auxiliary Cable: Allows connection to any audio device with a headphone jack
  • USB Cable: USB cable for downloading files to the MP3 player
  • Li-Fe-PO4 Battery: 8-Hour Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery
  • Battery Charger: AC powered battery charger with LED battery charge status display
  • Hard Case: Watertight, dust proof, rugged enclosure for storage and transport
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